My Year in Flowers

Think of My Year in Flowers as Farm Citymeets Walden. Like Novella Carpenter who starts a farm on a vacant lot in Oakland, amateur naturalist Waverly Fitzgerald sets out to find nature in the urban neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle, forging a relationship with plants that grow in gardens, front yards and even parking lots. And like Thoreau in Walden, Fitzgerald focuses on developing a deep relationship with one particular place. My Year in Flowers describes how during twelve months of experiments, she went from learning the names of plants to communicating with them.

Listen to Waverly read a short introduction to her book, as recorded at Jack Straw Studios: A Short Introduction (6 minutes, MP3 file)

Support for the writing of these essays came from a grant from Artist Trust, a fellowship from Jack Straw and a residency at Hedgebrook.

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