Shipping Group

The Shipping Group was born out of the desire to create a writing group that encouraged members to submit work for publication. We began meeting at the cafe in the Elliott Bay Book Company in 2010 and in the three years of our existence, our members have completed books (4 and counting), published books (5 and counting), received awards, won grants, read at festivals, had articles and essays published in journals like the Bellevue Review and the “Modern Love” column of the New York Times, and presented at conferences. One of our members began her own support group for writers in her community of Edmonds, Washington.  We rack up rejections as well as acceptances but that is part of our goal. By far the biggest benefit of the group so far has been the pleasure of watching other writers succeed and knowing we’ve played a part in their accomplishments.

If you are interested in the Shipping Group, please contact Waverly Fitzgerald at for more information.

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