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DIY Publishing Seminars

with Annie Pearson
Saturdays, 10 AM to 1 PM, July 11 – August  15
Hugo House, 1634 Eleventh Avenue, Capitol Hill, Seattle
A series of one day-seminars on publishing topics:

Everything a writer needs to know to become an author and publisher. In six sessions, we demystify the publication process, presenting details you need to know to navigate it successfully. You will learn how to choose a successful path to publication, find and connect with your audience, work with editors, design a compelling book from cover to index, format your work for e-publishing, and set yourself up for a successful business as a publisher. Each session includes presentations and examples plus checklists that break the process into practical tasks. You can take all six sessions or just those sessions that seem most appealing to you. To sign up for all six classes go here. For more information on the individual sessions, read the descriptions that follow.

July 11: Author as Publisher: Planning your path

In this seminar, we look at the basics of your project and vision with information to help:
— Assess your goals, your manuscript and your skills.
— Clarify the scope of your project and develop a timeline.
— Review publishing options, including how to obtain a copyright and an ISBN. Handouts: Planning task list, budget template, resource list

$67.50 for members, $75 for general public. To register for just this session, click here.

July 18: Author in the Marketplace: Finding your audience

In this seminar, we explore the basic elements and tasks related to making your book known in the world:
— Choose the right title and category for your book, so readers can find it.
— Write your catalog description, paying attention to keywords.
— Develop a website and a social media presence.
— Other elements of “discoverability.”
Handouts: Marketplace task list, metadata template, resource list

$67.50 for members, $75 for general public. To register for just this session, click here.

July 25: Author in Collaboration: Working with editors

Every successful self-published author needs a good editor. In this session:
— Learn self-editing techniques, focused on editing for your target audience.
— Understand stages of editing, and what to expect from specific kinds of editing.
— Know when to hire a professional editor, and how to find and work with an editor.
— Add creation of a book-specific style guide to your writing/editing process.
Handouts: Editing task list, sample style guides, collaboration template, resource list

$67.50 for members, $75 for general public. To register for just this session, click here.

Aug 1: Author as Designer: Designing a book

In this seminar, PowerPoint presentations showcase the visual elements that make a book professional, beautiful, and marketable:
— Identify the genre-specific elements of successful covers.
— Learn how to find and work with a graphic artist.
— Examine interior design components: front/back matter, page design elements, typographic conventions.
— Review print-on-demand production methods and tools (DOC, PDF, InDesign), including a step-by-step demonstration using Word.
Handouts: Design task list, book templates for Word, collaboration templates, resource list

$67.50 for members, $75 for general public. To register for just this session, click here.

Aug 8: Author as Producer: E-formatting your book

In this seminar, we explore how eBook formatting differs from print, and dive into the details for eBook publishing:
— Review basic skills and tools to create an ePub or Mobi file (the Kindle format).
— Tour the upload process and eBook distributor requirements for files.
In the second half of this session: Bring your laptop to work on producing your own manuscript as Mobi and ePub files.
Handouts: Production task list, master templates, how-to guide, resource list

$67.50 for members, $75 for general public. To register for just this session, click here.

Aug 15: Author as Entrepreneur: Planning for success

In this session, we focus on the business basics and economics of selling books:
— Review distribution processes: how books get to readers and how booksellers buy and display books.
— Estimate potential income, establish a break-even point, revisit your original budget.
— Determine how you might measure success.
— Review (or revise) your vision and goals.
Handouts: Budget and success task lists, sample budgets, examples of distributor contracts and consignment policies, resource lists

$67.50 for members, $75 for general public. To register for just this session, click here.

Cost for all six classes: $271.35 for Hugo House members, $301.50 for the general public. To register for the entire series, go here.

Deep Revision

Saturday, July 18, 4 to 5:30
Pacific Northwest Writers Conference
Hilton Seattle Airport Conference Center

During this one-and-a-half hour version of my six-week class, I’ll focus on helping writers get a clear vision of their manuscripts. Too often we start the revision process by working on sentences. In this session, in which we will do some writing exercises, we’ll be looking at theme, audience, purpose, genre, narrative structure, and suspense before developing a plan for approaching the scene and sentence level stages of revision.

Writing Your Non-Fiction Book Proposal

Online through Creative Nonfiction
Starts in September

I’m offering my popular and successful Book Proposal class online via the great online class platform provided by Creative Nonfiction. In ten weeks we cover all aspects of creating a book proposal, which is an art in itself. Assignments will help you clarify your idea, research the market, identify your audience, develop your credentials as an author, create an engaging overview and choose the best sample chapters for submission to publishers

It isn’t necessary to finish writing your book before submitting a book proposal. In fact, you could use this class to explore an idea, test its marketability and develop a plan for its completion. Even if you ultimately decide to self-publish rather than seek a traditional publisher, you will have learned how to make you book stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Many of the writers I’ve worked with have gone on to publication with major publishers, small publishers and through self-publishing. You can see some of their books here.

Once this class is open to registration, I will post the details here.

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