Introducing new editions of the historical romances I wrote in my twenties.







St. John’s Wood, Mayfair and Chelsea were published by Doubleday in 1977, 1978 and 1979. Shortly after I stopped writing historical romances, the genre changed with the advent of the bodice-rippers. Today my novels would be consider “sweet,” meaning rather tame.  I might also add that I had adopted the theme of naming my books after London neighborhoods, before Anne Perry adopted that as her brand with the publication of her first mystery in 1979.

Grover Square was my attempt to move into historical fiction. It was more ambitious in format and darker in material and not popular with my publisher, Jove, who would have preferred another light-hearted historical romance. It was going to be the start of a series set in the same fictional square; the second novel was going to focus on the public displeasure about the conduct of the Crimean War but Jove didn’t like that idea and we parted ways.