sans serif  Ann Dexter sampleRat City Publishing specializes in publishing mysteries set in Seattle.

Our debut novel, Leap of Faith, is also a debut novel for the author, Rachel Bukey. It features Seattle Times reporter Ann Dexter who investigates the suspicious suicide of a wealthy woman who jumps off the Aurora Bridge, leaving her entire fortune to a dubious New Age church.  For more information and to order, go here.




Rat City PublisNew Rat City Coverhing is proud to be reprinting Curt Colbert’s series of mysteries set in 1940’s Seattle and featuring hard-boiled PI, Jake Rossiter, and his inimitable girl Friday, Miss Jenkins. The first novel in the series, Rat City, was nominated for a Shamus for best first novel in 2001 when it was first published. For more information and to order, go here.

We plan to reprint the second and third books in the series:  Sayonaraville in 2015 and Queer Street in 2016.



RCP logoRat City Publishing is not accepting submissions at this time as we have a full publication schedule through 2015.  We are currently working on  Grave Disturbance by Martha Crites (publication date September 2015), followed by Sayonaraville in November 2015


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  3. Delighted to see you’re publishing my friend Rachel Bukey! You will not remember me, but I was newly published (by what is now John Wiley) when I took a teddy bear class from you in the U District in spring 1982. That book on small business marketing is long out of print, but I have issued a new one, Advertising for Small Budgets with Big Results. Just out. Also in print now: Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest (UW Press).

    • admin says:

      Congratulations, Linda, on your books! Maybe I will see you tonight at Rachel’s book launch at Elliott Bay? I’ve never taught a teddy bear class (sounds like fun!) but I did teach writing classes for UW Extension and the Experimental College in the early 1980’s. Maybe it was one of those.

  4. Congratulations on picking up Colbert’s novels!

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