Articles on Writing

Articles on writing. Most were originally published in my newsletter (you can sign up to receive it over there on the right hand side of the page). Some were published in other venues.

Autumn 2011 So What? The Moral of the Story

So what? This question surfaces in a troubling way once a writer gets words on paper and conveys those words to an audience. I remember when it first showed up in my writing life…

Spring 2011 Making Books

For years the path to readership for most writers was pretty narrow. Just in the last few years, a whole range of new possibilities has opened up that allow the writer to find his or her audience in a multitude of ways.

Winter 2011 Writing Goals for the New Year

It’s January which means everyone is busy making plans for the new year. And this endeavor which can be fairly easy in other areas of life, can be pretty tricky when it comes to the creative arena.

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